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Present Dean:Hui Yue


Head of the Language Training Department: Kewen Sun

Head of the Undergraduate Department: Wenchang Yang

Head of the Graduate Department: Ping Yu

Administration Office and its Duties:

Ms. Xueni Nian

Director of Administration office

Work Phone: +86) 431-85166644

E-mail: nianxueni@163.com

Duties: in charge of the overall administrative school affairs; chief administration of the graduate department of SICLE; educational administration of the Hanban’s training of Chinese teachers.


Ms. Bin Li

Phone: +86) 431-85166644

E-mail: li_bin@jlu.edu.cn

Duties: educational administration for the language training department, the undergraduate department, and short term programs, including planning course schedules, examinations, and results menagement, classroom computer system maintainance.


Ms. Siwen Wei

Phone: +86) 431-85166644

E-mail:  siwen@jlu.edu.cn

Duties: school marketing and student activities, school website construction and news updating, managing results of the courses of China Overview and Modern Chinese.


Ms. Haiying Yang

Phone: +86) 0431-85166600

Duties: library management, labour union activities, faculty meetings notification, school property verification.




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