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The Language Training Department is mainly responsible for providing non-degree Chinese courses to international students from over 60 countries. The department offers 3 types of non-degree programs: long-term, short-term Chinese language training programs, and speciaty programs.


Long-term programs

International students will be set into 9-10 different levels of classes based on their Chinese ability. Students can choose to study from 1 to 4 semesters according to their own situation.

The curriculum includes both language courses and culture introduction courses.

Language courses focus on enhancing the students’Chinese abilities on listening, speaking, reading and writing. The courses include Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Character Writing, Media Chinese, etc.

There are also plenty of elective courses about specialized Chinese and culture introduction, such as Business Chinese, Chinese Idioms, Ancient Chinese, Chinese Culture, History, Chinese Literature, HSK Skills Advancement, etc. The department also provides cultural lectures each semester, such as Chinese traditions, Chinese calligraphy, kungfu, tai chi, Beijing opera, Chinese paper cutting, folk dance and music, Chinese cuisine, etc. 

Furthermore, students will participate in many activities that develop understanding of Chinese society, such as factory and school visits and Chinese family visits. There are also a variety of extra-curricular activities including Chinese performance, Chinese knowledge competition, Chinese speech festival, Chinese composition competition.


Short-term programs

The department provides short-term Chinese programs (1-8 weeks) during winter and summer to international students. More than 10 different short-term programs are currently offered during each winter or summer.

The Short-term programs focus on improving students’ Chinese communication skills through intense drill training, and provide an immersed Chinese environment to help the students have a better understanding of Chinese society and culture. More than 20 world-known universities and colleges, such as Rutgers University , Providence College and University of Georgia of U.S.;  Tomsk Polytechnic University and Volgograd University of Russia;  Hebrew University of Israel;  Kiev State University of Ukraine;  Kansai University , Kumamoto University , Jincheng College , Southwest College, Kurume University , Okayama University and Soka University of Japan;  Korea University , Ewha Woman’s University , Chonnam National University , Kyungpook National University , Pukyong National University , Catholic University, Kyungwon University and Keimyung University of South Korea;  and Oriental culture Academy of Thailand, have established a stable partnership with SICLE and have been sending groups of students for short-term programs regularly each year.


Specialty Programs

SICLE also provides customized non-dgree Chinese programs for international schools, companies or organizations. SICLE has currently successfully established specialty programs with United States Military Academy at West Point, Korea University of South Korea, Bukkyo University of Japan, Stockholm University of Sweden, and Hebrew University of Israel, and FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co. Ltd in Changchun, China.

The following are the specialties of these programs:

1.      Both student groups from foreign schools and professionals from companies or organizations can be accepted.

2.      The curriculum and schedule of these programs are flexibly well designed to cater to varying demands for Chinese language learning.

3.      Customized teaching teams for each program.

The fruitful achievements of these specialty programs have been highly praised by our partners, and effectively enhanced the cooperation between Jilin University and international universities and companies.





Long-term program


Length of the program: 1 to 4 semesters.

Curriculum: Students take language courses in Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing at all levels, and complete coursework centered on Chinese culture, history, business Chinese, HSK skills advancement, Chinese calligraphy, tai chi, folk dance and music, etc.  Furthermore, students will participate in many activities that develop understanding of Chinese society, such as factory and school visits.

Class size: Approximately 15 students per classroom.

Applicants must have graduated from high school; age 18 to 60 years old;

Short-term Program


Length of the program: 1 - 8 weeks in summer or winter vocation.

Curriculum: Students take courses focused on language skills, attend cultural lectures, conduct language practice sessions, and engage in area tourism.

Class size: 8 or more students per classroom.

Individual applications are not accepted. Foreign universities and educational organizations may contact the College of International Languages for details of the program.

Specialty Program


The duration, curriculum, and performance criteria of each specialty program will be project-based and determined by the unique requirements of each cooperative partner. Examples of specialty programs are the West Point Chinese Program and the Stockholm University Chinese Program.

Foreign universities, educational organizations, or companies may contact the College of International Languages for details of the program.





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