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The undergraduate education for international students in SICLE was originally set up in 1997. As of today, the department has developed its mature teaching and curriculum system and education management system including teaching design, curriculum setting, and assessment system.  

The Undergraduate Department is responsible for the major of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other Languages (TCSOL), and several interdepartmental undergraduate programs (2+2/1+3) with the following majors: Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, Communication, Chinese History, Archaeology, International Trade, Law, Business Administration, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, and Human Resource Management.

Aiming to produce quality international personnel with high proficiency in the Chinese language and culture, the school has delivered more than 2,000 bachelor’s degrees to students from around the world.





Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other Languages (TCSOL)


This program provides graduates a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Chinese as well as specific professional, theoretical knowledge related to Chinese international education. Moreover, graduates must understand Chinese traditional culture and contemporary social practices. Through this program, graduates will become competent teachers of Chinese as a second language. This program lasts 4 academic years.

Applicants must have graduated from high school and provide copies of transcripts and demonstrate an adequate Chinese language proficiency (HSK Level 5 on the former test edition or Level 3 on the current edition); age 18 to 30 years old.

* Students whose Chinese language proficiency is below this standard may enroll in a one-year Intensive Chinese Language Study Program as a prerequisite of admittance to the program.

Chinese Language and Literature;

Journalism; Communication;

Chinese History;


Jointly cultivated with the Colleges of Humanities, Economics, Law, Business and other schools at JLU, this 4-year interdisciplinary program is aimed at training professionals with expertise in Chinese.

Depending on the area of concentration, the initial Chinese coursework can be completed in the College of International Languages in 1 or 2 academic years of study. After finishing this coursework, students will then complete their academic professional coursework from the other colleges.


International Trade


Business Administration;


Financial Management


Human Resource Management



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