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The Graduate Department consists of two master majors: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other Languages (MTCSOL).





Teaching Chinese as a Second Language


The master’s program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language lasts for 3 years and provides graduates a solid understanding of the theories and methodologies of modern linguistics and the knowledge of modern Chinese. Students will be capable of using this theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems as a teacher of Chinese as a second language or in support of research in the field of second language acquisition and other applied linguistics.

Applicants must have certificate of bachelor’s degree, copies of transcripts, and demonstrate an adequate proficiency in the Chinese language (HSK Level 8 on the former test edition or Level 5 on the current edition); two recommendation letters issued by Associate Professors (or above) are required; age below 40 years old.

Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other Languages (MTCSOL)        

This master’s program lasts for 2 years.  Its practical application-oriented curriculum seeks to develop and enhance students' Chinese language teaching skills, cultural communication competence, and intercultural communication skills. Ultimately, graduates acquire substantial breadth and depth in the profession of language instruction and become more fully competent as teachers.



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