Application Instructions

Application Time

Non-degree Chinese programs:

Long-term program: Applicants must submit application materials by December 30 for spring semester (March – July) of the following year or by June 30 for fall semester (September – January).

Short-term program: Applicants can apply before summer or winter vacation; Application materials must be submitted at least 15 days before the program is scheduled to begin.

Specialty Programs can be applied for at any time and designed based on the unique requirements of each cooperative partner.

Degree Programs:

Applicants must submit application materials to the Office of International Students by June 30, as coursework begins in September.


Application Requirements and Materials to be Submitted

1. Applicants must be Non-Chinese nationals, hold a valid passport, and be in good health;

2. The completed “Jilin University Application Form for International Student” –  This form can be obtained from the JLU’s Office of International Students or downloaded from the website ;

3. Copy of passport (photo page);

4. Certificate of HSK Examination.



If an applicant is approved, the Office of International Students will send the Jilin University International Student Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Visit China (the JW202 Form) to the applicant. The applicant should bring all required documents to the Embassy/Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in the applicant’s home country and apply for an X or F visa to study in China.


Tuition and Fees

1. Registration fee: CNY 600 Yuan

2. Tuition – CNY/Year



Tuition – CNY/Year

Non-degree Chinese programs


Long-term program

1 semester:9000.

short-term program

1-week program:  1600 per person;
2-week program:  2400 per person;

3-week program:  3200 per person;

4-week program:  4000 per person;

5-week program:  4800 per person.


specialty program

To be determined by negotiation.






3. Room rates

Single-bed room:CNY30.00~50.00/room/day

Double-bed room:CNY25.00~45.00/room/day

Dormitory rooms are equipped with TV, telephone, bathroom, and shower.

4. Meal: About CNY 40-80/day

5. Insurance: CNY 800 /year

6. Miscellaneous Fees:

Fees for textbooks, extracurricular activities, experiments, internships, field trips, etc. will be charged at the current fair market rate.



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